I don’t care about playing a thousand notes within two minutes. It’s about making every note count. And, playing Blues in such a way that someone can tell how I feel. I just believe that there are so many generic songs out there with no soul; There’s no substance to what they are saying. That’s kind of the art of it all - where you want the music to make a point, because a lot of people can play music but they can’t make music. ”

— Justin Aron


Justin Aron and Dirty Pool love to play the Blues. Entertaining Winnipeg audiences, and surrounding areas for over 12 years it’s never a job but a labour of love. Considered the quintessential Blues band embedded in the local scene, they have played over hundreds of venues, festivals, have released 2 Independent full length albums and even have ties with the legendary Chicago Blues Culture. Blues knows no boundaries, either does Justin Aron and Dirty Pool as they plan on going further with their on-stage magic, increasing their dedicated fan base as their reputation for keeping the Blues alive goes beyond their humble origins in the River City.  

Press Photos

Mean Miss Treating Woman

Live at the BBQ & Blues Festival